Grindel Gears

Grindel Gears. Precision gears and splined shafts

Engranajes Grindel S.A.L. is a company specialized in the manufacture of cylindrical gears and splined shafts with grinding quality in single, small and medium batches, adapting these to the needs of the client according to the drawings or samples submitted.

With more than 45 years in operation, Engranajes Grindel S.A.L. manufactures and provides advice on cylindrical gears and splined shafts with grinding quality for clients from different sectors at international level, involving applications as diverse as cranes and hoists, special vehicles and 4x4 units, agricultural machinery, mechanical transmissions, separators and decanters, pumps and compressors, gearboxes, engines, robotics, machine tool and others. It also has ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificates and ISO 14001 Environmental Certificates endorsing its commitment to its surroundings and the environment.

Due to the foregoing, the company currently exports 65% of its production to more than 15 countries worldwide, thus positioning itself as a reliable international supplier among major manufacturers and multinational groups in the industry, likewise adapting to its clients´ most demanding technical requirements.

Ultimately, Engranajes Grindel S.A.L. is a flexible and participatory organisation with highly qualified professionals and with extensive industrial experience, offering its clients the most modern means of production, metrology and organisation which ensure its commitment to deliver on time and guaranteeing that the final product complies with the agreed quality.

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In order to carry out further research and advance the achievement of the objectives defined in its management policy, Engranajes GRINDEL S.A.L. is present in various associations both at national and international levels and cooperates with different training centres.